Jo Ann Banks                Writer of Stories, Poems, and Silly Songs


This is the page where I tell you about me, and my writing,

and my awards...  I know, blah, blah, blah.


I am an active member of SCBWI,

The Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators

...And a few AWARDS I've won...

  • My Early Chapter Book manuscript The Weird Kid, won First Place in its category at SCBWI Los Angeles, 2014
  • My manuscript A Baaad Idea, A Sheep's Tale, won First Place in the Picture Book Category at SCBWI Los Angeles, 2012
  • My manuscript Goat Mountain Vacation, won Special Mention in the Picture Book Category at SCBWI Central-Coastal Writer's Day, 2010

I'm not writing in this picture, but usually I'm writing or thinking about writing,

or figuring out how to sneak away so I can write.


I write Picture Books, Early Readers, Early Chapter Books, and Poetry.

I also write silly songs, which is as fun as writing stories but more annoying for my family.

I write to-do lists too, but I hardly ever use them. They just pile up on my desk and collect dust.

Here's what people say about me...

  • "Jo Ann's stories are, at once, both whimsical and touching."
  • "These two endearing characters are portrayed in fun-to-read-aloud language."
  • "This story offers a wealth of illustration opportunities."
  • "Hey, this is really funny!"
  • "We are returning your manuscript because it does not fit our editorial needs."
  • "Did you really fall in a creek at your Great-Grandma's funeral?"